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Software Services

We provide software solutions to maximise the availability and performance of your customer’s business-critical systems.  By partnering with us, you will combine people, processes and infrastructure to deliver cost-effective software solutions that meet your customer’s specific processing needs.

Software Assessment

Our unique service allows us to assess your customer’s software portfolio and provide unbiased solutions to maximise the value of software within their business.  This can include Microsoft 365, AWS Solutions, Microsoft Azure, backup and replication and virtualisation along with security solutions and remote monitoring.

With our comprehensive knowledge of all major operating systems, we provide OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Linux, HP-UX and Microsoft Windows platform support, we are the perfect ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your customer’s new and legacy software support requirements.

Whether your customer is a small business, large enterprise or government organisation with thousands of locations, we can design a software support program suited perfectly to their company.

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Key Benefits of Software Assessment:

  • Assessment of customer’s current software portfolio
  • Maximise utilisation of software estates
  • Unbiased solutions
  • Up to 40% cost savings
  • Multi-platform support
  • Flexible, scalable contracts
  • Online call management portal
  • UK, Europe & Global coverage 24/7
  • Legacy applications and legacy systems support
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all major operating systems
  • HP and Microsoft specialists
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A service delivery partner offering a true end-to-end technology life-cycle of services, solutions and support which are deliverable, configurable and manageable.


Optimise costs, manage risk and increase agility: we can help your customer find the best solution to suit their business model with dedicated hosting and within a cost-effective budget.


Proactive monitoring of your customer’s network including servers, workstations and any device with an IP address – let us take the stress away by identifying issues as soon as they arise.


We provide an industry leading technical helpdesk service ensuring fast resolution of your customer’s IT support problems whilst optimising communication and transparency 24/7/365.

Service Delivery Statistics

Service delivery is at the heart of what we do. Take a look at our KPIs and discover why you should partner with us to enhance your business performance and achieve your objectives...
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