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Ultima Channel Partnership

Partnership with Ultima Business Solutions

The Challenge

What challenges were you experiencing before engaging with ICC?

Two main challenges existed for Ultima. One was our incumbent server and storage maintainer had been acquired and the new supplier had a direct touch market model, despite stating at a high level that they only sold to market through the channel. In month one they had undercut our customer price with a direct approach and accepted the business directly. Despite many communications, six months later they showed no interest in changing.  More importantly they had changed their parts logistics and engineering delivery model which meant a severe and immediate degradation in service to our clients.

We had to find an alternative provider quickly to behold our high-level service reputation of over 25 years.

What key areas of service needed to be improved for customers?

The key service failure was getting the right and working part to accompany the engineer to site to enable the failed equipment to be fixed. On one occasion it took seven attempts to get an HDD to site that worked. Another failure of our previous supplier was they had entered the UK market through acquisition, the new owners wanted to work their way, or no way. Hence the tailored customer communication workflow was removed, the flexibility on non-contract items became testing, the quote amendment process became a long drawn out documented one.  They simply did not listen to our requirements as a customer or those of our customers.

The Solution

What solutions have ICC provided for your customers?

ICC offered Ultima a seamless transition into an organisation that very much worked the way our previous longstanding supplier used to work before the acquisition. ICC provide a full break fix service to our customers and interact with us as a customer to facilitate the process. They acquired some experienced engineers that our customers trusted and have added an improvement to the contractual OEM spares holding and 24×7 support desk.

How important are ICC services to your day to day operations?

The reliability of ICC’s service to our operation enables us to maintain our proud record of not losing one maintenance contract in 20 years due to poor service. It is vital to Ultima’s business to keep our annuity base. The break fix service delivered by ICC becomes an extension of the trusted Ultima brand This will enable us as a business to expand our own services portfolio within our client base.

Above all, the team at ICC are genuinely good people to work with, who understand customer service and we have developed a good and trusted relationship in a short space of time. Mark Pickin, Maintenance Services Business Manager, July 2020

The Result

How does ICC add value to your proposition?

Ultima completely outsources its break fix business to specialist partners. ICC are our preferred supplier for all servers and some OEM storage devices where their skillsets can meet our customer requirements.

ICC provide a dedicated account manager, who has managed the transition of renewals into ICC seamlessly.  Their quoting team are quick, efficient and they convert our orders to contracts effectively. They take calls from our customers for service and keep us informed on call progress, so we can track, and value add with our clients. Their engineers and parts supply are delivered in a timely manner against strict SLAs.  Their contractual change process is simple, enabling us to pro-rata and add equipment to contracts as required.  Their invoices are accurate and follow our instructions.

What is it about ICC that appeals to you?

As part of taking on a new supplier, the Ultima Maintenance team go through a due diligence process to ensure they meet our exacting requirements. We had to make a judgement that ICC were the right fit for us. A big part of this is the company culture and a similar work ethic and it was evident from an early part of the process that the people at ICC were a perfect fit.


Ultima Business Solutions

Ultima provide business IT services to enhance company technology assets which are aligned with overall business goals.  They are a reliable and trusted IT partner based in the UK, established in 1995 with 25 years of industry leading experience.  Ultima’s speciality solutions include intelligent automation, the modern data centre, modern workspace and security, assurance & compliance.

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