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Dell EOSL Support

We provide specialist Dell support for the following listed equipment and many previous generations, please request a quote for support through the enquiry form below. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know your specific requirements, and we'll let you know if we can support it.
EOSL Support Enquiry
Dell Equallogic PS6010X 26/06/2019
Dell Equallogic PS6010XV 26/06/2019
Dell PowerConnect 2824 24 port Gb Ethernet Switch 31/01/2020
Equallogic FS7600 31/12/2020
Equallogic FS7610 31/12/2020
VNX 5100 31/12/2020
Compellent SC200 31/05/2021
Compellent SC220 31/05/2021
Compellent SC280 31/05/2021
Compellent SC8000 03/03/2022
VxRack System FLEX with Quanta Servers 30/04/2022
Compellent SC400 31/05/2022
Compellent SC420 30/11/2022
Compellent SC7020 30/11/2022
Compellent SC 4020 30/01/2023
VNX 7600 31/01/2023
VNX 5800 31/01/2023
Unity 400F 31/01/2023
Unity 300F 31/01/2023
Compellent FS8600 31/08/2023
Compellent SC420F 30/10/2023
Compellent SC5020 30/10/2023
Compellent SC5020F 30/10/2023
Compellent SC7020F 30/10/2023
Compellent SC200/220 Enclosure 30/11/2023
VxBlock System 350 - Unity AF Gen-2 (350F/450F/550F/650F) 03/02/2024
Compellent SC280 Enclosure 01/03/2024
Unity 300F 31/07/2025
Unity 400F 31/07/2025
Compellent SCv20x0 Series 31/08/2025

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