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Cyber Security Solutions

Our multi-tiered security solutions cover edge, core and channel partner needs by utilising various firewall, antivirus and preventative measures.  We utilise innovative solutions from industry leading hardware and software vendors meaning you have peace of mind that your customer’s business is always protected.  We will help your customers to select the best practice approaches that suit their organisation and build a greater resilience for the future.

FIREWALL PROTECTION Firewall solutions are essential to ensure there is protection between your customer’s IT network and other external networks.  A firewall provides a barrier to help protect against criminal hackers trying to breach your customer’s network or viruses that could spread from computer to computer over the internet, affecting their network.

EMAIL SECURITY 94% of cyber threats have been reported to originate from email.  Protect your customer’s workforce from these targeted threats – email is often used to spread spam, malware and phishing attacks.  Email security uses different techniques to keep your customer’s sensitive and often confidential information in email communications secure against unauthorised access.

CYBER CRIME PREVENTION  We carry out security assessments, such as penetration testing, to mitigate problems that cause security issues to ensure your customer’s organisation is protected with robust cyber security defences.

Ensure your customers stay secure, compliant and resilient so that they can react appropriately and effectively to cyber security threats.

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Cyber Security Solutions

Key benefits of cyber security solutions and support:

  • Protect your customer’s business networks and data from cyber attacks including ransomware and malware
  • Ensure your customers are GDPR compliant by implementing appropriate security measures to protect their personal data
  • Enable customer resilience so they can react effectively to threats with faster recovery times in the event of a breach
  • Drive business efficiency knowing your customers are protected and improve business continuity management
  • Improve your customer’s company credentials with the correct security controls in place

Making SECURITY Happen

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What is Penetration Testing?


Learn more about pen testing from our expert, Jason Kay.  Listen to our quick explainer video to discover why your customers should complete a pen test, what the 7 key stages of pen testing are, how testing is delivered, what the benefits are and how the discoveries can help to keep your customers safe from cyber-crime attacks.

Together we can Make Security Happen.


A service delivery partner offering a true end-to-end technology life-cycle of services, solutions and support which are deliverable, configurable and manageable – white labelled and direct to your customers.


Proactive monitoring of your customer’s network including servers, workstations and any device with an IP address – let us take the stress away by identifying issues as soon as they arise.

Hardware Maintenance

Providing total hardware maintenance support to maximise your customer’s business-critical systems.  We strive to deliver cost-effective maintenance services that meet and exceed their IT goals.


We provide an industry leading technical helpdesk service ensuring fast resolution of your customer’s IT support problems whilst optimising communication and transparency 24/7/365.

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