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Cloud Services

By engaging in a partnership with us, we can help your customers find the best solution to suit their business model with dedicated hosting and within a cost-effective budget. Our multi-vendor, agnostic approach will ensure we can advise you and your customers on the very best in cloud technology to meet their business requirements: Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, as well as bespoke cloud and hybrid solutions.

Enable your customers to OPTIMISE COSTS and significantly reduce the cost of managing their IT infrastructure and operations.  We can help your customers to deploy big projects instantly with a quick-to-value cloud solution for infrastructure and/or applications.

Enable your customers to MANAGE RISK with market leading technology and true hardware-based networking, we offer a supreme level of security and service quality – at a fraction of the cost.  Your customers will be able to easily scale up or down using an out-of-the-box, industry certified platform.

Enable your customers to INCREASE AGILITY by scaling and supporting their business workloads effectively, expediting deployment of revenue generating services and on-demand test and development environments.  Quick time to market provides a true competitive edge for your customers.

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Key benefits of cloud computing:

  • Bespoke cloud & hybrid solutions
  • Optimise costs
  • Manages and reduces risk
  • Flexible, scalable and customisable
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  • Efficient, quick and increases agility
  • Enhanced data security
  • Competitive advantage
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
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Bespoke Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner which enables us to deliver bespoke cloud services and software support to your customer's business and manage their entire Microsoft cloud lifecycle.
Microsoft Productivity Apps

Microsoft 365 Support

Enable your customers to take their business to the next level with Microsoft 365, the leader in cloud-based productivity. Delivering industry leading productivity apps such as Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

Microsoft Azure Support

Microsoft Azure Support

Achieve your customer’s goals with the flexibility and freedom to build, deploy and manage your apps anywhere. With Azure your customers will have everything they need to build their next great solution. Meet any challenge with Azure – your customer’s partner in the cloud!

HPE Greenlake Cloud

HPE Greenlake Support

With HPE Greenlake, we can bring a hybrid platform experience to your customers with everything-as-a-service, pay-as-you-go, add capacity with a click and we can manage it for them, so they can focus on innovation.

‘The Cloud that comes to you.’

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Optimise Costs - Manage Risk - Increase Agility

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